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The Ozark Artist Retreat and Studio is a secluded home tucked into the Ozark mountains. The Retreat offers space for artists to create, families to get away from the city noise, or a venue for small events.

whole house from road_edited.jpg

Welcome to the Ozark Artist Retreat and Studio

from your hosts, Lew and Kathryn!

A California native, Lew is a skilled craftsman,

musician and sculptor. His roots in John

Steinbeck country can often be seen through his



Kathryn is a professor of social and behavioral sciences and a native of the Ozarks. After 35 years on the west coast, they purchased 17 acres from Kathryn's father, land which has been in her family for nearly 200 years. The retreat is located on this land with their private home. 

An accomplished sculptor, Lew is the Artist in Residence. A selection of his work is highlighted below.

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